Ingrid Brown
Early Morning Tree and Sky Study, 2019
Afternoon Reflection, 2019
Across Lake and Dovecote, Rowntree Park, 2020
SOLD Fields near Millennium Bridge, York
Evening Trees and Sky, 2019
Dovecote and Hedgerow, Rowntree Park, 2020
Rowntree Park Reading Cafe, 2019
Landscape Study, Rowntree Park, 2020
Late Afternoon Landscape Study, 2019
Oil Sketch, Rowntree Park Reading Cafe, 2019
Oil Sketch, Rowntree Park, 2020
Path to Rowntree Park Cafe, 2019
Rolling Clouds, York, 2020
Playing Fields, Rowntree Park York, 2019
Study of Hedgerow & Sky, York, 2020
Study of Hedgerow & Sky II, York, 2020
Study of Trees in Wind, York, 2020
Study of Sunlit Autumn Tree, York, 2019
Across to Playing Area, 2020
Winter Hedgerow Study, 2020
Winter Hedgerow Study II, York, 2020
Field with Hay Bales, near York Racecourse