Fine Artist

Figurative & plein-air fine artist exploring beauty in everyday life. Inspiration is everywhere.

  • I love your style Ingrid. Great portrait.

    - Christine S., 2024

  • Original viewpoint. Very engaging and gives me, the viewer, the task of figuring out her thoughts.

    - Nick K., 2024

  • Smashing portraiture.

    - Heather L., 2024

  • There is a deep feminine energy in your beautifully playful, sensually direct and dancing brushwork, which indicate an inherent lust for life and 'being'. Please continue on your path with your tantalising talent so we can enjoy more.

    - Kate J., London, 2024

  • Your painting is simply the best portrait I have ever seen by a young, modern artist. It is our son as we parents know him. I intend to offer the portrait to my wife for her 84th birthday. Thank you again.

    - Gerhard B., June 2023

  • Pretty much everyone that visits our home comments on your work. Some relatives already knew your work. Your paintings are beautiful.

    - Sarah A., Oxfordshire, July 2023

  • Your paintings are a catalyst to my memories - which is why I love them. Somewhat fuzzy when you get too close - but enormous when you step back.

    - Thomas B., July 2021

  • I fell in love with your painting when I saw it at the Mall Galleries. It now has pride of place on my bedroom wall and I love it. Thank you.

    - Ms A de C., London, July 2021

  • You have a lovely sort of abstract approach to realism that's just my cup of tea. It helps that you live in my favourite part of England, of course, but your style captures the landscapes there so well. I only wanted to buy one painting - yours.

    - Alan W, Portugal, June 2020